Negan is Coming: ‘The Walking Dead’ Casts New Comicbook Villain

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Today, fans of The Walking Dead heard news that they’ve been looked forward to and dreaded for a long time.  Negan is coming.

Glenn Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast to portray the popular villain. Negan is best known for using a baseball bat – wrapped in barbed wire – to carry out genocide. Yes, you heard that correctly. Genocide.

Negan uses the aforementioned bat to beat fan-favorite, Glenn Rhee, to death in the comic book series on which the show is based.

As fans are aware, despite the the billions of Asians that lived in the world before the zombie apocalypse, apparently only one of them seemed to survive it. While there are vast differences between the comic book and TV series, the show seemingly decided that the “One Asian Rule” should be something that stays true to the source material.

The addition of this new villain to the show raises questions. Fans who’ve kept up with the show will know that in a recent episode, Glenn was seemingly eaten alive by a horde of zombies.

Steven Yeun as Glenn
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee

If Negan is here, then does that mean Glenn actually survived? Are the showrunners keeping Glenn alive, only to have him killed in the season finale? If Glenn is already dead, then who will Negan be killing this season? Will there ever be more Asians on the show? I need answers.

Fans react to Negan on Twitter:

Yes, that’s a small child pretending to bash someone’s brains in. #Parenting

Even Snooki is excited

Comic book fans take the opportunity to let the whole world know that they read the comics

Gotta love the realists…


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