Best Moments from ‘Game of Thrones’: Beyond the Wall

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Season Seven of Game of Thrones may be shorter than previous ones, but it’s definitely been the most exciting. Somehow, each new episode finds a way to top the one preceding. I don’t think I ever thought I’d see multiple episodes in one year that would top ‘Battle of the Bastards.’

Here are the best moments from Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Tormund and The Hound Chat about Brienne
game of thrones beyond the wall
Tormund finds time to share his feelings. Image: HBO
game of thrones beyond the wall
A budding bromance. Image: HBO

I’m calling it right now. These two are definitely going to become friends. Not only do they engage in banter about dicks, but they share their experiences with Brienne of Tarth. Hands down the funniest exchange of the season; possibly even the series. Now we know that Tormund wants to have giant babies with Brienne. I never understood the concept of shipping two TV characters until Tormund and Brienne. It needs to happen.

“Daenerys in denial”
game of thrones beyond the wall
Tyrion calls Dany on her crush. Image: HBO

Tyrion points out the blatantly obvious crush that Dany and Jon have on each other. Dany is bad at playing coy. Also, fans are torn between shipping these two and also not wanting to see a second incest relationship on the show. Cersei-Jamie is one too many.

A Zombie BEAR
bear game of thrones beyond the wall
Zombie Bear after it kills an expendable “red shirt.” Image: HBO

A Zombie BEAR!!!

Dany breaks out the winter wear


Daenerys Targaryen has an outfit for every occasion. Including specific ones like flying up North with your three dragon children to fight zombies and save your nephew-potential-lover from certain death.

This Westeros Lightsaber
sword fire game of thrones beyond the wall
Beric in his best Obi-Wan pose. Image: HBO

Beric needs to find out if the Lord of Light can hook everybody up with these badass fire swords. They could have at least scooped up the ones the dead brethren dropped. I’m sure it’ll sell for a pretty penny on the secondary market in Essos somewhere.

dragon game of thrones beyond the wall
Air support arrives. Image: HBO

Dany proves yet again that if you want something done, you should do it yourself. Mother of Dragons flies in and saves the day. Remember the days of early Game of Thrones when all we wanted were dragons? Now we’ve been getting them nearly every episode.

World Class Javelin Throw
javelin throw game of thrones
The Night King showing off his Olympian-class form. Image: HBO

Just when we think our heroes have the upper hand, the Night King almost effortlessly pierces a dragon in the heart, and in doing so, pierces our hearts as well.

Kevin from the Backstreet Boys makes a cameo
benjen game of thrones beyond the wall
Uncle Benjen makes a surprise appearance again. Image: HBO

Okay, it’s not really Kevin from the Backstreet Boys. It’s just another dose of Deus ex Benjen. Benjen saves Jon, who almost got killed again after barely surviving the icy northern waters.

Arya is messed up
arya game of thrones beyond the wall
Arya threatening her sister, Sansa. Image: HBO

I knew Arya’s murder journey throughout the last several seasons of Game of Thrones messed her up, but I never thought I’d see her threaten her own sister. They were always very different from one another as children, but it was rather jarring to see her interact with Sansa this way. I don’t know how wildcard Arya will play a role in the episodes to come.

They might actually bang
Image: HBO

Jon finally bends the knee. More importantly, they’re clearly falling for each other. I’ve never shipped and simultaneously prayed that two characters don’t get together.

white walker dragon game of thrones beyond the wall
Image: HBO

A White Walker Zombie…DRAGON. This just threw off the balance of power significantly. With thousands of foot soldiers, a couple of giants, and a newly revived dragon; the Night King just keeps becoming more powerful. If the people of Westeros don’t come to an alliance in next week’s finale, our heroes might be screwed. As tragic as it was to see Daenerys lose one of her children, I’m really excited about what this new development means for the coming battles; as well as the prophecy of the three-headed dragon, when one of those dragons is now on the other side.

On the bright side, this led to some quality Yu-gi-oh + Game of Thrones memes.

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