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Samsung unveiled its latest phablet earlier today: The Galaxy Note 8. This powerhouse of a device will have a whopping, 6.3-inch infinity display, a newly improved S Pen, and a myriad of other upgrades that will make this one of the most popular phones of the year. With its increased spec sheet is also an increased price tag. Unlocked, this phone costs $929.99. Through two-year plans, depending on the carrier, the price can still range in the high 700s-800s.

Fortunately, Best Buy has already announced a sick Galaxy Note 8 deal with a pre-order that will also combine with Samsung’s own deal.

The Offer

galaxy note 8 deal best buy
Image: Best Buy

Samsung’s offer is a choice between either:

A) Free Samsung 128GB memory card + wireless charger
B) Free Samsung Gear 360 camera

Best Buy’s offer is $150 off your phone when you pre-order. PLUS you’re eligible for the above, Samsung offer because Samsung Promotions is a separate entity. Also, since this is a purchase that will be above $35 (way above), it qualifies for free shipping.

Which of the Samsung gifts should you get?

Image: Samsung

This depends entirely on your needs. The Note 8 will already come with 64GB of internal storage, but if you’re someone who likes to carry around tons of videos, pictures, music, and other media, then the 128GB microSD card may be the choice for you. Plus the wireless charging stand is a neat thing to have, and will save you from the hassle of tangled up charging cords.

If you think 64GB of data is plenty, or already have an external SD card, then go with the Gear 360 Camera. I have one myself, and while I might not have gotten it on my own when it was $229.99, I purchased it during a promotion when the price dropped down to $49.99. It’s a really fun and interesting piece of tech to play around with. Whenever I pull out my Gear 360, friends and colleagues always get excited because the majority of people are unfamiliar with 360 cameras. The 360-degree photos and videos come out really nicely in 4K res, and people love seeing them on social media because they’re still so novel. You can also watch all the footage you took on your Gear VR glasses if you have them.

If you don’t really care for either of these Samsung gift offers, consider selling them on eBay or Craiglist. While Samsung says they’re equivalent in value, I’ve seen the Gear 360s sell for way more on the secondary market. That said, do research on the current prices and see which one would yield you more of a return.

Jump on these deals soon

If you need a new phone and are set on this device, then you should take advantage of this Galaxy Note 8 deal. The sooner you register for your gift on samsungpromotions.com, the sooner you’ll get your gift. Samsung Promos has a tendency to be unorganized, and have long delays in delivering gifts.

If you’re in no rush, however, you should keep an eye out for future deals. Especially for when the price of this phone drops.

As a long-time user of Samsung devices, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that there is almost always a deal that you can take advantage of. In fact, it’s possible to even triple dip on freebies. I will go into length about combining multiple offers in a future post, but basically, depending on your carrier, retailer, and timing, multiple deals can stack on top of one another. As this phone was just unveiled today, this Best Buy deal is currently the best one.


-If you’re going to pre-order, do so with Best Buy. Not Samsung. That way you can double dip on freebies.

-With this deal, you either get:

  • $150 off + Gear 360 Camera
  • $150 off + 128GB microSD card + Wireless Charger


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