Best Moments from ‘Game of Thrones’: The Dragon and the Wolf

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Spoiler Alert for Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf

The Season Seven Finale of Game of Thrones finally brought together all the protagonists and antagonists that we’ve followed throughout the show (at least the ones who made it this far). Winter is here and all the pieces are starting to come together. This was an episode of reunions, some pleasant and some nasty.

Here are the best moments from Game of Thrones: The Dragon and the Wolf

No Hard Feelings

brienne and the hound game of thrones the dragon and the wolf

The last time we saw these two, they were swinging their swords trying to kill each other, in an attempt to protect Arya. Funny enough, they reconnect over the fact that Arya seems to be doing really well on her own.

Reunions all around

Bronn and Tyrion briefly discuss their different sides of the conflict, before admitting that they’re glad to see each other. Bros for life. Bronn also reconnects with Podrick and takes him for a drink while the main players hash things out.

Brienne is also reunited with Jaime, and she attempts to appeal to his sense of logic rather than duty. She tells Jaime “f**k loyalty” when he tells her he has to stay with Cersei, which shocks both Jaime and fans alike, as Brienne has always been beholden to her sense of honor. These two go way back, so hopefully we’ll see them fight on the same time next year.

Meanwhile, the Hound has a face-off with his brother, the Mountain. If there were ever two brothers that hated each other this much. The Hound says he’s coming for him, which is a showdown that has been a long time coming. Euron also takes time to taunt Theon and then Tyrion. You really get a sense that at this point in the story, minus a few exceptions, everybody else would be friends if not for Cersei.

Grand Entrance

game of thrones the dragon and the wolf

Daenerys is in King’s Landing because she needs Cersei’s alliance to fight the White Walkers, but she also needs to put her own power on display. No matter how many times we’ve seen Dany make this entrance, it never ceases to impress.

The whole gang’s here

game of thrones

I think this is the first time in seasons when we’ve seen this many of the primary characters together in one place. And it’s Daenerys and Cersei’s first ever meeting. It’s also the first on-screen appearance together for Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey, so this was a big Game of Thrones moment.

It really reminds you just how far everyone has come, and how much things have changed since the first season of the show; back when dragons and White Walkers were just myths for them, and the Iron Throne, an unreachable dream. A dream that’s now within reach for each of the major players.

The look on Cersei’s face when the wight runs at her

Cersei's face walker game of thrones

We’ve seen smug Cersei. We’ve seen angry Cersei. But this is one of the first times I recall seeing Cersei this horrified. You’d think having a 7 foot giant undead bodyguard stand next to you all day would prepare you for a zombie encounter, but I guess not.

Lannister vs Lannister

cersei game of thrones
tyrion game of thrones the dragon and the wolf

Perhaps the most powerful scene of the episode. This was a conversation that I was not expecting. Mirroring the sentiments of Dany and Jaime, Tyrion going in for a one-on-one conversation with Cersei put him at risk of being killed. However, he believed that he could get through to her. The two siblings put everything on the table. Despite now knowing that Tyrion didn’t murder Joffrey, Cersei still blames him for tearing their family apart. Tyrion expresses his remorse for her loss of her children, which Cersei acknowledges but says it doesn’t change the outcome. Despite her hate, when Tyrion tells her to have him killed, she couldn’t go through with having the Mountain finish Tyrion off. They seem to come to an understanding of sorts, especially when Tyrion then finds out that his sister is pregnant. They agree that their family’s survival should trump the current fighting in Westeros. While they still won’t ever get past their turbulent history, they seem to come to an understanding about what needs to be done to protect what’s left of their family. At least that’s what Cersei seems to make Tyrion, Dany, and Jon Snow believe. We later discover that Cersei is already planning a double cross. However, it remains to be seen how much of what she said earlier was genuine.

Theon’s redemption

This is the first time Jon and Theon really have an actual conversation since before Theon’s betrayal of the Stark family. Theon talks about how he was never as good as Jon, and asks for forgiveness from Jon. Jon forgives him, and reminds him that Theon is a Greyjoy, but he was also always a Stark. Jon then tells Theon to sack up, so to speak, and go rescue his sister Yara. This is just what Theon needed to hear to finally act. He approaches his men who are in the process of fleeing from this conflict, and he tries to stop it. One of his men picks a fight with Theon, but soon finds out…well, in Pokemon terms, his move was “not very effective.” After Theon defeats this mutineer, he immediately gains respect back from his men who booed him only a few minutes ago (seriously, people in Westeros are fickle). They then set off to rescue Yara.

theon game of thrones

Bye Bye Little Finger

little finger death game of thrones

The three Stark children pass judgment on Little Finger, who has been at the core of so many of their troubles, both directly and indirectly. While the manufactured Sansa-Arya conflict and misdirection was poorly executed, this plot twist was still a surprise. I guess we always expected Little Finger to weasel his way into the final season at least. With all the fan service of Game of Thrones this past season, we barely saw any important people die. This surprise death was almost long overdue for a show that used to kill main players off every other episode.

little finger death game of thrones

Regardless of how much you may or may not hate Petyr Baelish, much respect to Aidan Gillen for doing such a terrific job portraying such a detestable person for all these years.

Another Targaryen

jon snow targaryen flashback

A long-running fan theory was finally confirmed, courtesy of a Bran and Sam’s meeting of the minds. Jon Snow is a Targaryen; the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. It’s important to note that his real name is Aegon Targaryen, meaning he was named after his famous ancestor who flew into Westeros and united the seven kingdoms. Because Jon’s lineage means that he’s the rightful heir to the throne, his name-reveal may be foreshadowing his uniting everybody against the White Walkers. This of course, complicates things since it challenges Dany’s claim to the throne. Speaking of Jon and Dany…

Daenerys and Jon hook up

daenerys and jon snow

So this happened. Will these two continue their romance when they find out that Daenerys is Jon’s aunt? Is this going to put them at odds with one another? It’s insane how we’re still rooting for these two, even though their relationship is now officially gross.

Jaime ditches Cersei

jaime ditches cersei game of thrones

Jaime finally has enough of Cersei’s deception and manipulation. Cersei threatens to have him killed if he tries to leave, but he calls her on her bluff and peaces out. He rides off into the distance, presumably to join the war efforts with Jon, Daenerys, and crew.

Westeros is f***ed

ice dragon night king game of throneswhite walker army game of thrones

The White Walkers finally break through the wall, thanks to the newly converted ice dragon. With numbers that likely stretch to the hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, things are looking very bleak for everybody in Westeros with a pulse. Also, we’re really hoping Beric and Tormund managed to escape the collapsing wall, and somehow survive. Until then, we’re going to have a rough time trying to figure out what to do until Game of Thrones comes back; especially with rumors pointing at a Spring 2019 Season Eight.



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