Skybound Comics Creators at NYCC: Comic Con at its Roots

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Some of the top creators of Skybound Comics got together at New York Comic Con to discuss their new projects and ongoing series.

Hosted by Sean Mackiewicz, panelists included Donny Cates (Redneck), Dan Panosian (Slots), Lorenzo Di Felici (Oblivion Song), Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Invincible), and Daniel Warren Johnson (Extremity).

The panel was called “Skybound Comics: Storytelling and Creators,” but the panel served as recaps for ongoing series, and previews of upcoming ones. While exciting, the storytelling process wasn’t really covered. It really was a panel exclusively for Skybound fans rather than a panel about storytelling as a whole.

Despite being unfamiliar with Skybound publications, I sat in for the panel. Somewhere in the middle, it dawned on me just how Comic Con this whole experience was. Perhaps that statement comes across as pretty obvious at “New York Comic Con.” However, what I mean is that this sort of panel was the original idea behind Comic Con; a chance for comic book fans to get together, share their interest, and meet creators. This was before all the branding and Hollywood and sponsorships. Before Doritos supplied the Press area with snacks, or models walked around handing out 5-hour Energy. This panel is the core of Comic Con.

The event itself was only about a quarter packed to capacity. The panelists literally talked to members of the audience by way of direct conversation instead of through a mic. It was purely fans and the creators. And toward the end, a fan stood up to say how proud he was of the creators for doing what they do, and began choking up because of his connection to their works, in particular to Robert Kirkman, who spoke privately with the fan afterward.

This panel wasn’t what I expected coming in, but I was very glad that I got to experience it.

Other notes:

  • Donny Cates jokingly said “F*** you, Marvel” and Kirkman pretended to make a huge deal out of it. Kirkman also joked that the bloggers in the audience should blow it out of proportion. So really, I’m only mentioning this because Robert Kirkman asked me to 🙂
  • Robert Kirkman talked about Oblivion Song coming out on March 7, 2018 Oblivion Song. He and Lorenzo have been working on it for a while and they expressed their excitement about the launch.
  • Daniel Warren Johnson talked about how it was great that Skybound encourages its artists to pursue writing as well, which helps lead for a singular vision.
  • An audience member asked the panel if a crossover between Skybound series might ever happened. The panelists joked about it but it does not seem like it would happen. 

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