Is Bing Rewards Worth it?

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I know what you’re thinking; why on Earth would I use Bing over Google? Well, Google doesn’t offer rewards for using its search engine. Bing does. It’s an easy way to earn an extra kickback for doing very little other than your daily search engine usage. Bing is the go-to search engine for penny pinchers.

How it Works

Searching with Bing earns you points that you can eventually redeem for gift cards for brands like Amazon, Xbox Live, or Sephora. You can also use your points to enter into sweepstakes for grand prizes. You can earn 150 points per day on desktop search, 100 points per day on mobile search, and extra points for things like quizzes, or just clicking on special links of the day that celebrate special occasions. You won’t make bank doing this obviously, but I easily hit maybe $80-120 each year in Amazon credit, with no added effort at all.

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Personal Experience

I’ve used this on and off since 2014, and honestly, after several years of using Bing, I can say without hesitation that while Bing gets the job done, Google is a superior search engine. I very often find myself having to scroll all the way down or moving to the next page of Bing search results before I find a link that I’m happy with. I end up having to go back to Google otherwise to find the right information. If there is an image I’m looking for on Bing, it’ll often give me outdated and irrelevant results.


For many, I think Bing just won’t be worth it. Google just knows what I’m looking for. It can basically read my mind. I realize that with the reach Google has, maybe these are all curated results from my personal information. However, I make even when using VPN and incognito mode on my work login, Google picks the right search results for me.

Honestly, Bing can be more of a headache than it’s worth. There are parts of Bing that I definitely like. The interface looks nice, and I like the landing page with new information, videos, and images every day. The quizzes they offer for points also offer to teach us something new, as the whole purpose is encouraging people to search for new information.

I think if you’re interested in Bing Rewards, the easiest solution would be to set Bing as the default search engine on one of your Internet browsers. Then have Google as the default search engine on another. Use the Bing-enabled browser for everyday stuff, and the Google one for work. Or another thing that you can do is just sign onto Bing every now and then and just jam random things into the search queue and video-game style farm Bing points. It takes me 30 seconds to get the 150 base level daily points.

Please refer to Microsoft and Bing’s Rewards page for more information.

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