Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks Week is Here

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The Dunkin’ Donuts loyalty program, DD Perks, allows you to earn points for every purchase made with their app to use for free beverages, special offers, and discounts. This week is DD Perks Week, sponsored by Masterpass. Each day of this week has a different challenge to earn extra points that go toward a Free Beverage Reward.

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Every $1 spent using the DD Perks app earns you 5 points. It’s 200 points to earn a free beverage of any size. For more details, check out our in-depth review on the DD Perks loyalty program and app.

Enrolling for the program and downloading the app automatically give you 200 points, so just by joining you already get a free beverage of any size. If you’re a frequent Dunkin’ customer (looking at you, New Englanders), this program is a no-brainer. If you go to Dunkin’ daily, then this week you should be able to earn 4 Free Beverage Rewards and $5 Dunkin’ Credit. Scroll down to see our opinion on each of the daily deals.

This neat little gif from the Dunkin’ Donuts website summarizes the daily deals.

Source: Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks website
November 13th- Enroll in Auto Reload to Get 200 points
  • This one is the easiest challenge.
  • Steps
    1. If you haven’t yet, add your main payment method onto the app, whether it’s credit, debit, Masterpass, or Visa Checkout.
    2. Go to the “DD Card” section of your DD Perks app, then select “Manage Auto Reload.” When prompted, click “On.”
    3. As soon as you activate autopay, you will get 200 points, thus receiving your 1st Free Beverage Reward of DD Perks week, and 2nd if you just signed up for the app, since enrolling automatically earned you a free drink.
  • After enrolling, you can immediately un-enroll. You will still get to keep your Free Beverage Reward.
November 14th- 100 points when you order a medium coffee after 12PM  with mobile ordering
  • For this, you need to use their On-The-Go mobile order through their app.
  • All you need to do is pick your location of choice, pick your medium coffee, and pay.
  • Then you can go to the Dunkin’ location and pick up your coffee without standing on line.
November 15th- 2x points all day with On-the-Go Mobile Ordering
  • This one is just  straightforward bonus earn on spend. Since base earning is 5 points per $1 spent, this probably means you’ll earn 10 points per $1 on November 15th.
November 16th- Use On-the-Go Mobile Ordering to get 200 points
  • This challenge is also fairly easy.
  • Just pick whatever you want to drink or eat, then go pick it up like you did for the November 14th challenge.
  • There is no cost minimum for your order (at least not that I can see), so if you order a couple of munchkins or a donut, you immediately get 200 points, which equals another free beverage.
  • Just remember this requires Mobile Ordering.
November 17th- 100 points when you order a large or XL hot coffee
  • There is no stipulation written about mobile ordering, so this one should just automatically activate and give you 100 points for purchasing a large or XL hot coffee in store.
  • Just remember that it specifically states “hot coffee.”
$5 for Masterpass reload

Masterpass is Mastercard’s digital payment system. It is one of the methods that can be used to reload your DD Perks digital card within your app. This week, if you reload your DD Perks card with Masterpass, an extra $5 will be credited to your total balance.

Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks. Source: Dunkin’ Donuts

And there you have it:

200+100+200+100= 600 Points total for these challenges. Plus the $5 you get from the Masterpass reload.

You will of course also get the regular amount of points for each of these transactions. For new members, the enrollment bonus is 200 points, making it a total of 800 points this week alone; that’s 4 Free Beverage Rewards.

Keep in mind that this is probably only worth it for frequent Dunkin’ customers, or those of you who were planning on going to Dunkin’ anyway. Please don’t do these challenges if you never drink Dunkin’. For the rest of you, enjoy your free coffees!


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