StarCraft II is Now Free

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Unbeknownst to me, Blizzard announced a few weeks ago during BlizzCon that StarCraft II would be free to play. Specifically, the entire Star Craft II: Wings of Liberty campaign was made available for free to new StarCraft II players, starting November 14. Additionally, ranked multiplayer games can also unlocked, with characters from all three StarCraft II expansions. Co-op Commander is made free as well. This game is available to both PC and Mac users.

starcraft ii
Starcraft II. Source:

In case you’re confused by all these titles or have any questions about the process, Blizzard gives additional details on their official site.

Read their announcement here.

For those who already owned Wings of Liberty prior to the announcement, Blizzard is gifting them the second part of the StarCraft II campaign: Heart of the Swarm.

To claim Heart of the Swarm, sign onto your account and go to ‘Gifts’ to claim your copy. You need to do this before December 8, 2017.


I’m really happy about this. I had no idea about any of this until last week, when I received an email from Blizzard telling me to that I could download Heart of the Swarm for free. The original StarCraft games were a good chunk of my teenage years. While I was never really any good at the game, often resorting to “Show Me the Money” and other cheat codes to give me an edge, I always had a blast. As I got older, I gave up the game, coming back briefly when StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty came out.

Speaking of the original game, both StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War were released for free as well earlier this year. It’s available for download on both PC and Mac. If you were planning on having a productive week, then I sincerely apologize. Anyway, I’m off to play through all the campaigns right this second. See you all there.


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