TV Rant: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Episode 7 – ‘Time for After’

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When I reacted to the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 8, I really hoped that it would be the last time I was disappointed with the show this season. It was a fool’s hope, because 6 episodes after that, the show still doesn’t have anything together. This will be a stream of consciousness post about Season 8, Episode 7, so spoilers ahead.

  • We do NOT need the Garbage Pail Kids. This is the same group that Rick and the gang went to for help last season, that ended up betraying them. Now Rick is going back and asking for help, with zero incentive or leverage. Not only that, but we spent an episode and a half with Rick making a grand gesture to the GPK only to immediately be escorted into prison (aka a shipping container with a peephole in it.) We’re then given a bunch of shots of Rick in his underwear, having his photo taken and sketched by an artist. He finally breaks from his captive in what may be the worst choreographed fight scene in a while, then empty handed threatens Jadis, the leader of the group. The others had guns pointed at his head, but somehow decided to back down. Also, as part of the negotiation, the GBK leader asked Rick to pose naked. This. Is. Absurd.

    the walking dead
    Rick peering out from his prison cell. Source: AMC / The Walking Dead.
  • The whole Rosita conflict this episode was so manufactured. Now all of a sudden, there’s a “we wait” vs “we act now” ethical dilemma? It makes zero sense, and was just thrown in because they need some sort of conflict outside of Negan. I’m waiting for the pie vs. cake debate that’ll finally tear Alexandria apart. Also the fact that during this grand final plan of just driving a truck into the Saviors’ fortress, two of the members (Michonne and Rosita) just walk out to keep their hands clean of this matter. So–in a life or death situation like this, that would impact every survivor in their group–shouldn’t the two dissenters attempt to stop Daryl and Tara, instead of just walking away to avoid responsibility? None of this made sense. Why dissent here, during this scene? If Michonne and Rosita believed that going along with this plan was potentially harmful, why just walk away?

    tara the walking dead
    The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 7. Source: AMC / The Walking Dead.
  • Eugene was unbearable this episode. I understand that he was established as a coward very early on after he was first introduced, and I get his Stockholm Syndrome; but his belief in Negan’s cause, at the abandonment of his friends just makes zero sense. No doubt, the writers are trying to build up to a major Eugene redemption; but do we really even need that? We already saw one major redemption of Eugene in previous seasons, and saw him find his courage. To go down the same path again, when there are literally over a dozen main characters to develop; seems imbalanced and lazy. It’s like that second governor season; we didn’t need to see the exact same character and exact same story arc twice in a row.

    The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 7.
    The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 7. Source: AMC / The Walking Dead.
  • So there was a Rick-group sniper covering the North, South, East, and West sides of the Savior building. But where were they when Eugene walked up to the roof to lead the Walkers away? Surely they would have seen, and shot Eugene if they were where they were supposed to be stationed. This is absolute laziness on the writers’ parts. I would be willing to suspend disbelief, if they didn’t literally call out the positions of each sniper relative to the building, only moments before.
  • Eugene’s grand second plan to prevent the Walker herd from killing all the Saviors…was to make more bullets? If he could have done that before, why not do that before? And when and how exactly is he supposed to make all those bullets when the Walkers already breached the compound? It seems to imply that he’s telling Negan it’s okay to shoot their way out of the zombie hoard because Eugene is confident he can make more, but when faced with certain death, they should’ve just used all the bullets anyway.
  • Eugene screams at Father Gabriel who’s just lying in bed, thinking “WHAT is going on?”

As much as I have loved this show from Season 1, as well as the comics on which it is based; if the writers won’t bother treating fans with respect, then I don’t see why The Walking Dead fans should provide that same courtesy. The mid-season finale is coming up, and may potentially redeem this show. I’m not going to make the same mistake I did last time and hold my breath though.

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