Nintendo Labo First Look: Who Says Gaming Has to Only Happen On-screen?

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Nintendo just gave us a first look at its newest product: Nintendo Labo.

Nintendo Labo will consist of cardboard cutouts that come with instructions to build DIY sets that directly interact with the Nintendo Switch. It’s like Lego or Kinder Egg toys, in that you’re encouraged to follow a set of instructions to build your own toy; now combine that with gaming, and you get a unique augmented reality component. The Nintendo Labo can become a working piano, a fishing simulator, a car; the gaming applications are probably limitless.

This looks absolutely absurd, but might have cemented my interest in getting a Switch. While the Nintendo Labo might not really impress competitive gamers, it will undoubtedly appeal to children. After all, younger audiences have always been Nintendo’s primary target.

So many older generations look down at today’s kids for spending time staring at screens instead of using their imagination. Nintendo is demonstrating that those two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Gaming opened me up to new, fantastical worlds when I was younger, and it continues to do so for children today. The ‘Labo’ now combines old school views of “using your imagination” (you’re literally playing with boxes) with modern day gaming. It also introduces a whole generation of children and young audiences to Augmented Reality, just as Google Cardboard did with Virtual Reality.

What are your thoughts? Will you be purchasing a Nintendo Labo?

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