Where to Find Clorox Wipes Consistently – Back in Stock

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This is a follow up post to our Where to Find Clorox Wipes (and HOW), Even When Sold Out. Clorox has stated that due to the complex supply chain and high demand, even with increased production, there will be a Clorox Wipes shortage until 2021. We have already outlined tricks to snag them, but we have found that there are two specific listings on Amazon that you should keep refreshing if you’re still wondering where to find Clorox wipes or Lysol Wipes — at normal retail price.

  1. Clorox Disinfecting Bleach Free Cleaning Wipes, 75 Wipes, Pack of 3

    These are a pack of 3 that are currently available as of this moment (9/29/20 5:23 PM) for only $11.97, free shipping. This is one of the listings that I have bookmarked and opened consistently. Every break from work, I will refresh a few times to check up on it. Do not buy them for more than the $12 area.

    Link here

  2. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Lime Blossom, 320ct, Packaging May Vary (Pack of 4), 4X80


    These are the better deal, but tend to go out of stock much faster. However, I have also bought plenty of these by using the same technique outlined above, and in our previous post. Four Lysol Wipe containers for $12.99, free shipping.Again, be sure to keep this page bookmarked and opened, and keep refreshing. Use the “Buy Now” option instead of adding to cart because it takes away a few extra steps. Don’t worry if you “Buy Now” with the wrong credit card. You can go into Order Details and change the payment method after you snag them.

    Link here

  3. Home Depot – 75-Count Crisp Lemon/Fresh Scent Disinfecting Wet Wipes (3-Pack)

    Clorox Wipes Home Depot
    Home Depot also has restocks pretty frequently. We’ve managed to buy two of these 3-Packs for around $10 each. They don’t restock as commonly as the previously mentioned Amazon listings, but it’ll be good to bookmark these too.

    Link here

  4. Proof

    Okay, before we get severely judged for hoarding, we’d like to make clear that these aren’t all for us. We’ve been sharing them with friends, family, and co-workers every time we snag them. What was once bringing a bottle of red to someone’s house is now bringing a container of Clorox Wipes. If you are able to buy them, be sure to have enough for yourself, but share the love as well.

Where to Find Clorox Wipes


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