Taylor Swift and Joseph Kahn team up again

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I’m no Swiftie by any definition of that made-up word. However, it’s hard to deny that Taylor Swift’s music videos can be pretty great; especially when directed by Joseph Kahn.

Joseph Kahn has directed music videos for artists like Eminem, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, 50 Cent, Britney Spears, and a long list of others. He’s worked with Taylor before on ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Bad Blood.’ At midnight of Friday, October 27, they released the new music video for ‘…Ready For It?

By the way, the ellipsis isn’t for dramatic effect. The music video is literally titled “dot dot dot, Ready for it?”

The music video was full of futuristic, sci-fi imagery and special effects. It had robot henchmen…

‘…Ready For It?’ Music Video. Image: Vevo

It had a Ghost in the Shell-like robot version of T Swift…

‘…Ready For It?’ Music Video. Image: Vevo

It had some badass shots like this one…

Taylor Swift lightning
‘…Ready For It?’ Music Video. Image: Vevo

And this one…

'...Ready For It?' Music Video. Image: Vevo
‘…Ready For It?’ Music Video. Image: Vevo

Fans online are already trying to break apart the music video looking for hidden meanings.



Many however decided to just have fun with it.


You can buy or listen to the track here. What did you think about Taylor Swift’s new music video?


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