Samsung Introduces a Burgundy Red Galaxy S8

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It’s been over half a year since the Galaxy S8 was released. Even with the release of the iPhone X, Pixel 2, and other beautiful phones, the Galaxy S8 has still managed to keep its place at the top of the list in terms of aesthetics. Solidifying it’s place on the chart, Samsung just revealed a brand new color in celebration of autumn: the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8.

The Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 looks absolutely stunning. Revealed in an advertisement in South Korea, Samsung’s home country, the gorgeous new color was used to welcome the fall season.

I love the subtlety of the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8. Red can be hit or miss when it comes to tech. Depending on the shade, it could be ugly and overbearing. However, combined with the glass finish of the S8, this Burgundy red looks very classy. Like the other S8 variants, depending on the lighting, the color of the glass seems to adapt ever so slightly. Also, the metal frame around the phone and its buttons are colored red as well, unlike the Orchid Gray and Arctic Silver phones that just have slight tints to them.

Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 side
The metal frame of the ‘Burgundy Red’ Galaxy S8. Source: Samsung

Currently, this color seems to only be available in South Korea. There is a chance however that demand for it may lead Samsung to release it in other markets.

As an example, the Galaxy S8 was initially released in the United States in just three colors (Orchid Gray, Midnight Black, and Arctic Silver). The Coral Blue S8 was eventually brought to American markets a few months after the S8 launch. Additionally, it was just recently announced that Samsung will finally be bringing the ‘Deep Sea Blue’ color Galaxy Note 8 to American markets.

The metal frame of the 'Burgundy Red' Galaxy S8. Source: Samsung
The metal frame of the ‘Burgundy Red’ Galaxy S8. Source: Samsung

If you love this new Red Galaxy S8 and can hold off for a few months before upgrading, it may be worth the wait to see if this becomes available in American markets. Otherwise, you can always purchase the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ in the currently available colors. Either way, these are fantastic devices that you’ll most likely be very happy with.



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