[Deal] Get 3 Months of Spotify Premium for $0.99

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Spotify is currently having a promotion for 3 months of Spotify Premium for only $0.99. The normal rate is $9.99 per month so this is a really good deal. This offer is only available until December 31, 2017 so sign up for the 3 months before then.

Link to Spotify – https://www.spotify.com/us/intro/

Spotify Premium Benefits
  • Download music for offline streaming
  • Unlimited skips
  • No ads

I used to think streaming music was unnecessary because I could download any songs I wanted. However, after a year using services like Google Play Music and Spotify, the idea of downloading news songs I want from my computer just sounds so inconvenient. It’s so convenient to hear a song on the radio and immediately pull it up on Spotify. Obviously, no streaming service will have every song that you want. But with over 30 million songs in the Spotify library, you’ll probably be set.


If you have zero interest in using it past the 3 months, then cancel before the end of the 3-month period ends. Spotify and other subscription services offer promotional periods such as this one because they bank on the fact that many people will just forget to unsubscribe, and wind up paying the monthly bill.

To avoid this, simply cancel your subscription the second you sign up.

I do this for every subscription trial I use, even if I think I might want to use it past the promotional period. This is because you can always sign up again. Also, sometimes you get new incentives sent your way to sign up.

Canceling right away will not impact your trial period. The language just makes you think you will, but in reality, all it does is make sure you don’t get charged after your trial.

1. Go to Your Account Settings.

2. Select ‘Subscription’

3. Select the option to ‘Cancel’

cancel spotify premium 1
Canceling Spotify Premium. Screenshot: Spotify.

4. Confirm

Canceling Spotify Premium. Screenshot: Spotify.
Canceling Spotify Premium. Screenshot: Spotify.

And there you go. It’s that easy. Enjoy your 3 months of Spotify Premium and let us know what you think about the service.

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