Earn 1,000 Marriott Rewards Points Every Sunday

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As part of a Fall promotion, Marriott is giving away 1,000 free points every Sunday in exchange for answering an NFL trivia question. If you get the trivia question correct by responding directly to them on Twitter with the hashtag #RewardsPoints, 1,000 Marriott Rewards points are automatically added to your account. The answers can either be Googled, or you can see how people are responding on Twitter.

Promotion runs every Sunday on Twitter from 1PM – 8PM EDT.

UPDATE: Answer for December 10: “@MarriottRewards 15 yard line #RewardsPoints

You can copy and paste this answer directly in response to the tweet below.

Before doing this, make sure to connect your Marriott Rewards account to your Twitter profile on the link below.

Link: https://mrpoints.chirpify.com/FallCampaign/RewardsPoints

On this page, you’ll also have the option to link your other social profiles for a total of another 1,000 points.

  • 250 points to Connect with Twitter
  • 250 points to Connect with Instagram
  • 250 points to Connect with Facebook
  • 125 points to Follow Marriott Rewards on Twitter
  • 125 points to Follow Marriott Rewards on Instagram
marriott rewards social media
Screenshot from Marriott Rewards Chirpify

I did these but connected everything to secondary accounts, to limit the amount of information that Marriott can get from me. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing.

In addition to these weekly 1,000 point trivia questions, Marriott also does similar, but smaller 50-100 point Twitter promotions every now and then as well. As of this year, I have earned 9,000 Marriott Rewards points solely from these easy-to-do promotions. That’s enough for 1 free night at a Category 1 hotel. 10,000 total points will get me a night at a Category 2 hotel for free.

Here is a screenshot of the official Marriott Award Chart for points required per night, based on  hotel category.

marriott rewards award chart
Screenshot from Marriott Rewards site. 2017.

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