Twitter Down: Can’t Go On Twitter To Complain

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UPDATE: As of 10:34 AM, the desktop site is currently working. However, there are still widespread reports of Twitter down for mobile apps.

Signing onto Twitter this morning on April 17th, you may have noticed a picture of a robot on a blue screen, with the words “Something is technically wrong” posted at the top of the page. As someone who gets news updates from Twitter, my first reaction was to check Twitter to figure out what was going on.

Once I realized how silly my initial instinct was, I checked Sure enough, there are reports from all over the world. Outages in the U.S. The most recent comments that I saw included Denmark, Belgium, the United Kingdom. Japan has been reporting outages as well.

Absurd, as it is to want to check Twitter about Twitter being down… that instinct has become a reality for many out there. It’s quite a time we live in, when we rely so heavily on these platforms to give us updates on current events, and to keep us updated on what’s going on. Even if you’re not using Twitter content directly, it’s used as a curation platform to be led to different websites and sources. Twitter is useful as an engagement tool because it gives you access to so many different voices from around the world.

I’d be curious to see which platforms people turned to when they logged in to find Twitter down. Facebook didn’t even occur to me. Instagram wouldn’t make sense. Nothing on Reddit front page yet somehow.


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