Slack is Down. Can we go Home?

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A little after 3PM on Monday, May 21st, Slack, the widely-used workplace chat app, experienced a major outage. Waves of wayward employees turned immediately to Twitter to figure out what was going on. Slack has addressed these outages on their own Twitter feed, and on their in-app error screen.

Outages happen, even for big companies and services. What is noteworthy is that this outage is a stark reminder of just how prevalent Slack has become in the workspace. As of writing this post, Slack was the number two United States trend on Twitter, and number one in New York. Satya van Heummen discussed the reason why he believes Slack was so successful in this really well-written Medium post, which points to social isolation and pressure as some of the reasons. This becomes especially apparent during an incident like this, where all these users who no longer have access to the constant stream of work-related (and barely work-related) posts.

Here are some of the best reactions on Twitter:


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