Product Review: Samsung Galaxy Buds: Time to Cut the Cord

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After a decade of untangling cables and accidentally yanking my phone off desks, it was time for a change. I have my AKG NC60 Noise Cancelling Headphones, which provide cushion and warmth during the New York winters — but now it’s unbearable during the summer months. I started looking into wireless headphones. After research of different truly wireless earbuds, I decided on the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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I’ve spent 2 weeks with it, and here are my thoughts.


While I’m by no means an audiophile, I do really appreciate good, crisp sound quality. I was actually surprised at the bass, especially for wireless earbuds. The mids sound clear enough.

These earbuds also do a fantastic job at blocking out ambient noise. I don’t think they are marketed as noise cancelling, but they might as well be. Even without going over 50% in volume, I don’t hear any voices in the loud office place. Traffic noise does nothing to interfere with my listening experience when walking through the streets of New York. If anything, this works too well that maybe you should do something to make sure you can hear outside noise. This is where the ambient noise feature comes into play. You can adjust how much ambient noise you let in, and even toggle a feature on it that specifically listens for voices.


I absolutely love how these look. The Galaxy Buds don’t look as clunky as the Apple AirPods. They don’t jut out 2 inches awkwardly. They look really stylish and are minimalist. I’ve had one person say that from a distance, they thought I was wearing earrings, which I got a laugh out of.

Samsung Galaxy Buds
Samsung Galaxy Buds. Image:


One worry I had was that these wouldn’t stay in my ear, as I’m perpetually terrified of accidentally dropping them. I once saw someone standing on a NY subway platform, and their AirPods falling out of their ear, bouncing off of their shoulder, and onto the train tracks. However, these come with 3 different ear bud sizes. Once you find the comfortable fit for your ears, they do a great job holding them in place. I spent 5 mins on my first day with these, shaking my head like crazy, mimicking any motions i may have at the gym, actively trying to shake them off. All that happened was I had a splitting headache after and the spins, but the earbuds stayed on!




Currently, these come in two colors. White and Black. The black ones are nearly $30 cheaper on Amazon, so I opted for them. They are both very clean and sleek. I like the color black, and also, it looks less like I’m trying to mimic AirPod users.

Phone Calls

While I got these as a replacement for headphones, purely to listen to music and consume content, using these for phone calls is a major feature and the reason may people may be looking at the Galaxy Buds. In this regard, I cannot recommend these. Audio quality with these is not always the best. In a controlled setting, such as a quiet office, these work pretty well 70% of the times. However, even 30% of the time, individuals I’ve called have said that it sounds like I am really muffled or far away.

If you make a ton of phone calls and this is the primary reason you are looking into the Samsung Galaxy Buds, you may be better off with the AirPods or Jabra Elites. However, if you’re like myself, and rarely make phone calls, these will do fine. It is convenient to be able to make hands free calls.

Battery Life

I’ve had no complaints with battery life. I have yet to go through a full charge in one day. Additionally, because the carrying case doubles as the earbud charger, you’ll be fine unless you’re listening nonstop for several hours at a time. Additionally, the carrying case for the Galaxy Buds can be charged via USB Type-C charger, or wirelessly on a wireless charger. If you have a Galaxy S10, you can charge your Buds + Case right on your S10.

Galaxy Buds and charging case. Image:

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