Clorox Wipes on Sale at Home Depot, Free Shipping

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Clorox Wipes are going on sale right now at Home Depot online! Free shipping for a 3-pack of 75-count wipes. Limit up to 10 per person. These are never on sale for long so act now if you want a chance at getting them.

Link to Home Depot (not an affiliate link)

What if the Clorox Wipes are already sold out?

There is a small chance that these will already be sold out by the time you read this, but fear not. We make it a habit of tracking all the big box stores regularly to see if they have them available in stock. This is how we’ve been able to snag these for ourselves as well. A bit of persistence goes a long way. Fortunately, we’ll be sharing new restocks as they come, so be sure to follow our Twitter page or our site for the latest updates. 

Places like Costco or Home Depot are currently a safer bet than Amazon, where many third party sellers have them available but are marking up the prices way too much. This was not a problem even a few months back, but as the Lysol and Clorox Wipes supply is diminishing, those with access are taking advantage of the demand by increasing prices. We would recommend not buying from these sellers, but if you need them desperately, then the decision comes down to you.

If they’re sold out already on Home Depot by the time you read this post, you should still keep the product page open and check occasionally through refreshes. Alternatively, you can also use our ownmethods to find Clorox Wipes on Amazon even when they are sold out. Check out our post here.

Clorox WipesSource: Home Depot

For more on how to snag COVID-19 related supplies, please be sure to follow our Twitter page or check our site occasionally for more tips. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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