TJ Media Karaoke Machine: Pass Time During Quarantine

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The Korean-made, TJ Taijin Media Karaoke Machine is the best way to pass time during the COVID-19, stay-at-home lock in. In a time when everyone all over the world is confined to their homes to wait out Coronavirus, people have been coming up with different ways to pass the time.

Those fortunate enough to have a job and a roof over their heads have been looking for entertaining ways to pass the time, and minimize the monotony. From Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch, to home workouts, to baking; everyone has been handling it differently. If you’re stuck at home and looking for a family activity, or something to do with roomies over a few drinks, we would definitely recommend the TJ Taijin Media karaoke machine.

Check out the TJ Taijin Media Karaoke Machine here:

What is it?

For anyone living in New York, Los Angeles, or anywhere else with Koreatowns, you’re likely familiar with these karaoke machines (“noraebang” in Korean). The mix of cheesy Kdrama scenes with Kpop videos playing in the background, the lyrics highlighted in blue, the square remotes with Korean-only labels on them, and the giant binder with songs in all different languages — Bring all the fun of going out to karaoke into your own home. As you may know, while most of the songs are in Korean, English songs are the second most available. There are also Japanese and Chinese songs, but we’ve been told by our Japanese and Chinese friends that the songs in those languages are outdated.


What’s included

The TJ Taijin Media karaoke machine comes with a book of all the songs available on the machine, 2 wired mics (wireless option available, but it costs a bit more), the primary remote with all the options, and a secondary remote for settings.

Downloading new songs

The machine will come with every available song up to the latest update upon shipping. However, Taijin releases new songs every few months that are available for download. However, each download will require a download certification. While you can buy these on Amazon, there are often deals on eBay for 2 that are cheaper than buying a single one. If you’re not in a hurry to have all the latest songs, a good trick is to wait a few months then use the certification. This will let you get all the new download packs you don’t have with one certification.



Taijin Mobile App

The instructions will prompt you to download a mobile app, which will allow you to sync with the machine and prompt updates and enter in the code from certification coupons. Unfortunately, this app is only available on Android. The app can also be used to save your favorite songs, and also used as a remote for the machine via bluetooth.

TJ Media Taijin Karaoke Machine mobile app.                   TJ Taijin Media Karaoke Machine Mobile App

Is it worth it?

In the long run, this would be much cheaper than going out to karaoke on weekends once COVID is over. Booking a room at one of these places could cost anywhere between $40-$80 an hour, and you know you’re not only doing one measly hour at those outings. Factor in the cost of drinks; you’re saving money in the long run if this is an activity you partake in often. It’s also a great opportunity to practice your singing in the comfort of your own home if you get a bit gun shy about singing in front of others. Find the songs you can pull off and show off your skills the next time you see your friends in person.

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